Mobile Devices

Here are some options for using ZoneMinder on Mobile devices:

Third party mobile clients

  • zmNinja (source code, needs APIs to be installed to work)
    • Available in App Store and Play Store - website
  • zmView (limited, free) and zmView Pro (more features, paid)
    • Available in App Store and Play Store, relies on ZM skins website

Using the existing web console

  • You can directly use the ZoneMinder interface by launching a browser and going to the ZoneMinder server just like you do on the Desktop
  • ZoneMinder also has a “mobile skin” that offers limited functionality (not all views are present in this skin). You can point your mobile browser to http://yourzoneminderip/zm/index.php?skin=mobile and bookmark it. Note however that 1.29 is the last release that will support the mobile skin. It’s use is deprecated

Discontinued clients

The following are a list of clients that do not work and have not been updated:

  • eyeZM