Timestamp Tab

Timestamp tab defines the formatting and location of the timestamp in the captured images.


Monitor Timestamp Tab

  • Timestamp Label Format: Allows one to define the format of the timestamp applied to each frame. It is a strftime style string with a few extra tokens. You can add %f to add hundredths of a second to the frame timestamp. %H:%M:%S.%f will output time formatted as 10:45:37.45. You can also use %N for the name of the monitor and %Q which will be filled by any of the ‘show text’ detailed in the zmtriggers.pl section.

  • Timestamp Label X/Y: The X and Y values determine location of timestamp in the image. A value of 0 for the X value will put it on the left side of the image and a Y value of 0 will place it at the top of the image. Be careful not to place the timestamp outside the image border.

  • Font Size: There are 4 fonts sizes to choose from. Small is good for resolutions like 640x480. Default is good for 720p. Large is good for 1080p. Extra Large is good for higher resolutions.